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Nadia offers a 10 online group session program open to men and women ready to explore their sexual energy. This meditative breathwork 

creates a space of cleansing,

cellular & energetic regeneration, orgasmicness that allows to reach a state of deep connection with the inner space and the totality or divine consciousness. The breathing techniques associated with specific movements and visualisations favor the liberation of the body from traumatic memories of all kinds: physical, emotional & psychic trauma. They work on all levels of consciousness bringing them all into to the present.


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terapia menstrual

6 months initiatic journey into the living archetypes of our cyclical nature, rites of passage, understanding of woman's creative energy based on Zulma Moreryra’s “Terapia Menstrual Madretierra” from South America integrated with Nadia’s and Giselle’s knowledge and expertise from Europe, North America and Asia.


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embodiment & Awareness

Giselle offers a journey in 10 online classes to experience the embodiment of consciousness through movement, meditation, visualization & stillness. Giselle's classes are designed to transform anatomy, biology and neuroscience into layers of body felt sensations and perceptions that expand the understanding of being infinite consciousness that has  experience of being alive through a physical form.




Online introductory training program for women - 6 classes in English

- Women's hormonal system

-Archetypal structure of female psyche in relation to the cyclical nature 

-Menstrual blood in relation to the health and functioning of the organs

-Tracking cyclical nature

-Womb ecology practices and conscious sexuality 

-Yoni friendly lifestyle



natural he·art

Naida ci conduce nel mondo del "colore secondo natura" ovvero gli inchiostri naturali fatti in casa con materie prime collezionate "a mano" e riconoscere che tutti sappiamo e possiamo dipingere appena ci connettiamo al corpo, alle emozioni, al sentire e al sensibile che in noi parla, sempre. L'acqua, il colore, le materie organiche naturali veicoleranno questo percorso di arte espressiva in 5 puntate online.


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Our next two trainings are scheduled for January 2021 in Italy & August 2021 in Auroville, India. 

Due to the  current global situation and uncertainty regarding international travels our trainings & retreats are on hold until further notice.

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