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Course in English

YONI eggs 

yoni mapping & sexual awakening

A 4-week program for women with Nadia to awaken the sexual energy, activate the ability to feel and move from within. A journey to discover the deep feminine world, from the abyss of the underworld to the stars of the cosmos through a work of yoni mapping and crystal therapy.

First of all through the awareness of the pelvic floor muscles and the vaginal muscles we will arrive to the ability to perceive the physical and emotional depth of this area. With the help of breathing and meditation techniques we will allow our awareness to permeate the inner space of the yoni, release her memories and understand the complexity of emptiness / fullness.


Through Taoist energy exercises we will learn to activate the power of the Yoni, distribute and cultivate sexual energy throughout the body to nourish our system. With crystal therapy we will learn the beneficial properties of minerals for the yoni and the relationship with the chakras.

JAN 7/14/21/28 

@10:30 am CET • 15:00 IST

90 min classes - will be recorded 


Course in English

embodiment & Awareness

eros&dynamic stillness

Discover the Sensual through the capacity to experience Stillness in your body. Activating the Heart and the Pelvis as organs of perception and evolution of consciousness we will embark on a descending current journey into the Realm of the Sensuous. 

Feeling perception is our main tool to become aware of the layers of consciousness that are are embedded in our multidimensional tissues. This course aims to enliven the Feminine, the Soul, the Animal, the Erotic nature within us.

Anatomy from the perspective of Embodiment has to do with our capacity to slow down and tap into the base frequency of Stillness from which the perception of the inner landscapes can unfold. Eros as Will power, conducts us into developing trust into Body as manifestation of Love. When we open our inner eyes from Stillness we recognise that the body is omniscient, intelligent and capable of renewing and healing by matching the Wisdom of the Whole. 

JAN 5/12/19/26 @10:30 am CET

90 min classes - will be recorded

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