online introductory training program for women

6 classes in English

· Women's hormonal system

· Archetypal structure of female psyche in relation to the cyclical nature 

· Menstrual blood in relation to the health and functioning of the organs

·Tracking cyclical nature

· Womb ecology practices and conscious sexuality 

· Yoni friendly lifestyle


Classi settimanali online 

di yoga in italiano con Giselle

Lunaria Facilitator Training

January 2021

August 2021

Ovarian Breathing Feminine Alchemy

online healing breathwork in Italian & English  

Menstrual Therapy Madretierra

6 months journey into the living archetypes of our cyclical nature in Italian & English

Rites of Passage and Feminine Archetypes based on Zulma Moreryra’s “Terapia Menstrual Madretierra” from South America and integrated with Nadia’s and Giselle’s knowledge and expertise from Europe, North America and Asia.

Moonday & Venus Talks

Weekly free webinars

in Italian & English

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