Become a Lunaria Facilitator

Lunaria Institute offers training courses for women, in Europe and Asia, through an integral approach to women’s health, well-being and vitality. 


Yoga, Holistic Natural Medicine, Shamanism and Arts are in service of authentic Female Leadership and the empowerment based on cyclic and intuitive intelligence.


During Lunaria Facilitator Trainings you will learn to:


- retrieve the connection with the cyclic wisdom of your body, emotions and intuitions;


- unfold the potential of menstruality exploring women’s cyclic energy and creativity;


- address and understand specific imbalances such as menstrual disorders, hormonal disorders, fertility issues, cervical issues from a holistic and feminine perspective;


- honour and support women’s rites of passage or female siddhis such as menarche, pregnancy/childbirth, abortion, peri-menopause, aging process;


- explore a holistic relationship to body, sensuality, sexuality and fertility;


- aim at conscious union and conscious love towards oneself and towards life;

-understanding of yogic practices from the perspective of the womb and the respect of her rhythm;

- holistic medicine tools to know and heal oneself and inspire others to build trust from within;

- understanding of feminine leadership and developing the capacity to hold space in groups and one on one work;



The next in person trainings for Lunaria facilitators is scheduled for April 2022 in Tuscany, Italy.  












Welcome to our Training for Women !
This course is about the Cyclical Nature of the Feminine & Menstruality. 

  • Understanding of the rhythm of change 

  • Feminine Siddhis - cosmic powers & psychic abilities associated to the different phases of her cyclical nature

  • Menstruation

  • Fertility - Conception - Contraception

  • Pregnancy

  • Post Partum - Breastfeeding

  • Peri menopause - Menopause

  • Physical & Energetic Feminine Anatomy 

  • Self Gynecology

  • Tools for healing and understanding of the cyclical nature

  • Feminine Leadership & Capacity to Hold Space

  • Art & Creativity in the cyclical experience


If you are interested in taking part to our training, we will send you detailed information and set up a call for you to further understand if this is for you ! 

Weaving Threads