Nadia & Giselle

Nadia e Giselle found each other again in 2018 to continue together on their evolutionary and educational journey around the Feminine. In 2019 LUNARIA INSTITUTE is born to expand their platform to create the home of Feminine Cyclical Evolution.


Both, since very young age, have been fully dedicated to yogic disciplines and to physical and spiritual Healing. Their areas of focus have been the integration of the levels of Consciousness, Love and Sensuality. In their joined venture they put at service their knowledge in the fields of Yoga and Movement Arts, Holistic Natural Medicine and Shamanism.

All that they share has the purpose of allowing everyone to get in touch with their creative and orgasmic Life Force. As means to heal through the river of this original primal energy, the practices and lifestyle that Nadia & Giselle share want to bring towards unity and love towards Self, Life and the complexity and multidimensionality of being.  


Nadia e Giselle are global citizens and curious students of the Great Mystery, their philosophy is based on non violence, self respect and self knowledge.