Updated: May 24, 2019

By JJ Martin

Hello dear female.

You have a magic golden gift.

Something built into you from the moment you were born.

Probably no one told you about it and you had no idea how to use it.  You might have even been shamed from looking at it or playing with it. Someone might have cursed it or exploited it. Or maybe you just completely ignored it. 

The Yoni, the command center of all of our reproductive organs, probably just sat there dormant until the few times per month it got awakened for sex which is what your mother told you was all it was for. But the yoni is not just a pocket for a penis.  Or the gateway for an occasional orgasm. Or a petri dish for a baby.

 It is not just a vagina, a clitoris, a uterus or two ovaries. 

It is an antennae for our feminine nature. It is the root of our heart expansion. It is an energy-- not just a psychical thing-- that when fully tapped into, can completely transform every level of your being.

How many of us go around with no clue about our feminine-ness? With all of the lights in our magic oven turned off? Let me tell you from experience that not a lot is going to bake in a cold, dark cave with no sparks.  You might be like me and use your will to force things into birth. They will of course come because your power is so great.  Your mind so strong. Your muscles taught, toned and trained. 

But you will not give birth to the whole banquet of your own human and spiritual potential unless the cave comes alive from the inside out.

There are some women who close their eyes, bring attention to their wombs and feel very big things. They see chandelier-shaped fireworks. They feel waves crashing. They sense seeds and gardens exploding with roots and twisting, bursting vines. Not a lot of women do this, I’ve discovered, but these are in any case, the huge floods of consciousness that come when the yoni is awakened and playful.  

When the Queen rises, she leads us to an openness within ourselves and others, and also with our creations around us. By creations I mean not just children, but last night’s dinner, your group of friends, your work environment, the bedroom you decorated just right, the light that is flooding from your eyes and drawing everyone to you because they see it and want to lather themselves up in it.

There are others of us who close our eyes, bring our attention to our uterus and see nothing but a pitch black hole. Or, not even a hole. Just an infinite sheet of black.  There’s not even the perception of a cave. We women of the sleeping yoni go through our lives with our brains and muscles, cut of from the true power of our bodies.  We are likely not using the yoni’s power. We were not told there was sizzling energy there to be seized, relished in and shared.  When the yoni sleeps, we live in an icy black corner of the universe that has no stars circling it, no moons tickling its tummy or sun feeding it.

The lights need to be turned on in your yoni. Picture those huge stadium lights that illuminate a giant football field. It’s that big, that bright. The sensations of this part of the body need to be activated. Not for sex. Although that’s a nice side bonus. Not for procreation. Although that’s a nice side bonus too. The throbbing needs to start so that you can get plugged in to your own limitless feminine power. So how do you do it?

The first way is through meditation.  And there’s a million forms of meditation that help with this.  The basics involve bringing an awareness first to the physical spaces of the yoni but then also introducing the non-visibile energetic component.  Yoni eggs and crystals can help with this.  So can infinity symbol visualizations that tie your yoni to your heart, or yoni-friendly activities like dancing like a maniac and screaming at the top of your lungs in ecstatic release.  Rule-based exercise is not yoni friendly!

Just standing in front of a mirror and circling your hips like you’re twirling an invisible hoola hoop at age six do WONDERS for the yoni. You’re going to wake her up so quick you won’t know what to do with her.

Another big yoni opener is Ovarian Breathing Feminine Alchemy. Yes it’s a thing. Those ovaries are just dying to suck down some oxygen, and more than anything, they just want to go about their business in a safe, soft feminine, nurturing cocoon. You have got to create that. It doesn’t happen with a glass of wine, or a pill or those vials of poison that the doctor says will stimulate your eggs.  It must come from the inside out.  The Yoni thrives on feminine energy- so that means caving when you want to conquer, softening when you want to harden up in your armor, listening when you want to scream, accepting when you want refuse, and allowing a little bit of chaos with a soft smile when all you want to do is control with clawing hands and a clenched jaw.  These are the sacred ways of powerful feminine energy.

Lastly, is honoring your moon cycle like the sanctified ritual that it is.  Respecting and bowing down to your monthly blood flow as a time for introspection and reverence for what has been born and what has died in the last month.  Going in your own cave and being quiet, sitting still, not pounding the pavement, slamming down the street, or running anywhere.  Leaving the jogging shoes in the damn closet for once, while you honor the death and the blood that comes with it.  This is about learning how to live the winter of this month, the winter of this year, and the winter of your life.  And then starting to see the relevance of every other season in this month, this year and your life as you progress from infant to maiden to mother to wise woman.

Oh, and don’t forget: good old fashioned stimulating it works too.  Sex, masturbation, whatever strikes your fancy.  Wacky, often, with love and with laughter. Good luck to you dear females. May we unite in our great yoni gifts and may we return our earth and our children to the way of the feminine goddesses.

JJ Martin -

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