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By Giselle Bridger

We are beautiful when there is harmony within. Our skin is the interface of everything that happens beneath the surface and there is truly no way around it.

Beauty is a state of consciousness that ignites our emotional centres and activates responses of openness and attraction in others. How we look at a baby face and find ourselves smiling back, is the same mechanism that pulls us closer to what our inner guidance defines as beautiful.

Our energy is beautiful, our essence is beautiful, the perfection of our body consciousness is beautiful. When we know the divine beauty of the Source Energy that makes us who and what we are, usually we are prone to respect ourselves and take care of us from a place of appreciation, gratitude, care and gentle love, just like we do with a baby.

We would never wax an infant's leg or belly, we'd never poke a baby's nose to clean the pores, we wouldn't give any poison nor drug to a child internally or topically. Why do we do it to ourselves ?! How can we believe that the equation that includes pain and toxic substance can bring to authentic beauty?

I've been a beauty product freak since childhood, always smelling, smearing, spraying stuff. At some point, luckily pretty early on, I realised that whatever we put on our skin, hair, nails, but also smell & ingest, goes straight into our blood stream and is filtered by our police organs like Liver and Kidneys and STAY there clogging our cells. That's when I decided to design my first beauty product line and create edible organic harmless products for a sustainable beauty routine.

I took everything to the ESSENTIAL, to the natural elements and their bare and pure version.

I realised that SIMPLE = POWERFUL= EFFECTIVE and that the medicinal wisdom of plants doesn't like to be mixed with chemical synthetic elements, it shuts down completely.

An oil, a flower essence, an essential oil, a butter expresses it's full healing potential of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lever when left alone or empowered by other substances that are also ALIVE, VIBRANT and biocompatible with our alive and vibrant nature.

When I was into buying loads of creams, supplements and products I could' t fathom that one day I would have had a better moist and glowing skin using only nut oils, essential oils, dried herbs, cold water and steam.

So yes, the beauty rituals in my world today have to do more with lifestyle and mental health rather than actual products.

Toxicity of mind and emotions are the number one cause of physical imbalances and feeling ugly. Setting the frequency to the highest possible as soon as I wake up and when I go to bed are my truest beauty secrets. I use kundalini yoga mantras, Abraham Hicks, Joe Dispenza & Marisa Peer to discharge my subconscious mind from unnecessary baggage and rise up to the best feelings possible.

Herbal teas, lemon water, ginger water, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, good fats and proteins are medicinal for beautiful skin & hair, yet constrictive diets lead to control freak syndrome and obsessive orthorexia behaviour, neither of which promotes beauty in any way, shape or form.

Food is one of the big experiences we have, thanks to the human body, it's all about enjoyment, balance & relaxation. Food can both be poison and medicine depending on the emotions we eat our meals with. Setting the tone before preparing food and eating is even more important than what you actually eat.

When it comes to body rituals my number 1 resource is OIL.

Oil for washing, protecting, nurturing, calming, activating, grounding, uplifting.

Sunflower oil, jojoba oil coconut oil if your skin and scalp are oily and hot, sesame oil, almond oil, avocado oil if your skin is dry and cold, mustard oil and olive oil if your skin is oily but cold. Grapeseed oil and Argan oil are delicious for all skin types.

Once you find your oil, the one that is perfectly absorbed by your skin and leaves it soft. You just know it when you find YOUR OIL, it feels and smells like you.

Oiling the body, the skull and all the little doors and windows in our body is one of the most ancient ways to take care of our skin & nervous system. It's really super soothing. The whole body, hair included should be fully oiled at least once a week depending on constitution.

Again, you just know when your body needs oiling.

Oil can be medicated with essential oils to amplify and pursue specific objectives like: warming: Cinnamon, Ginger, Oregano, Thyme, Lemongrass;

cooling: Peppermint, Spearming, Copaiba, Blue Tansy, Roman Chamomile;

calming: lavender, wild orange, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar wood, ho wood, frankincense; toning: bergamot, rosemary, cypress, lemon;

hydrating: geranium, lavender, helichrysum.

To awaken the body, circulation and organs in the morning with DRY BRUSHING is a very effective practice, then oiling full body with medicated (warm) oil while OIL PULLING keeping the oil on body and in mouth for 20 minutes, showering and using cold water at the end for legs and genitals, unless you are one of those brave viking blood folks ok with cold plunging and cold showering. Cold is not ideal if you suffer from fatigue and weak kidneys.

As Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations, suggests in her book Renegade Beauty, oil is the best soap to clean in depth our skin. After showering or face steaming with Lavender or Rose infused water, you can use a small cotton towel soaked in hot water and oil to gently stroke body, chest neck and face. Even oily skin will benefit from oil cleaning because the towel will wipe off all the extra particles of oil.

If your skin type is extra dry you can use few more drops of oil to nurture the body after rubbing the hot towel.

Once a week it's delightful to take some time for relaxed beauty rituals like hair oiling and face masks.

Hair loves oil, skull need oil and also ears benefit from oiling. If your hair is dry add a few drops of Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang essential oil, if your skull is dry and itchy add Rosemary, Melaleuca & Peppermint, if it's irritated and with red spots try with Lavender, Copaiba & Frankincense. Oil should stay on hair ideally for the whole night, or minimum a few hours. While applying hair treatment you can mix a face mask and apply it for 20-30 minutes. Steaming the face is a good preparation to receive the nurturing ingredients, but you can do also with a warm cloth applied to face and neck. If your skin if greasy and tends to show redness and be somewhat explosive, then white clay is going to be your friend. Mix a few tablespoons of white clay with warm water, 1 spoon of Argan or Primrose oil, 1 spoon of white yogurt or kefir, 1 drop of Blue Tansy essential oil.

If your skin is dry and is ageing you can mix 1 spoon of raw honey with 2 spoons of Jojoba oil, 1 drop of Lavender, 2 drops of Rose,1 drop of Helichrysum and 1 drop of Sandalwood and let the skin drink in all the goodness.

Yoni beauty rituals are also something we should all start implementing in our self care routine: our vulva and labia and whole pelvic area benefit from oiling, daily.

If we tend to be inflamed and red, prolonged exposure to cold water and then applying coconut oil with 1 drop of Melaleuca, Lavender or Blue Tansy can be super beneficial in giving relief from itchiness & sensation of heat.

Internal love bombs made with ghee and yogurt or kefir are way more effective than many products sold in pharmacies.

Enjoy your beauty!

Giselle -

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