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Yoni here, Yoni there ...You hear so much about it in the yogic conversations. Some have heard of yoni healing, yoni eggs, yoni power and more. But do we know exactly what it is??


Since the ancient times, in the Hindu context, the term Yoni was used as an abstract representation of Shakti or Devi, the so-called Driving Forse of the entire Universe. In the Tantric vision Yoni is the Source of Life. It's usually carved with the Lingam, the phallus of stone that represents the male energy, the complementary energy of the Yoni. The full filling the void, the light illuminating the darkness. Yoni-Lingam Shakti-Shiva.


it's a small step, especially if we move in the Tantric path, where the divine is within, not without. Vagina becomes Divine as a physical manifestation of the Origin and the Creation.That's how we have two interpretations of "Yoni": • Yoni is the Earth, Mother Earth, Pachamama, Mother Goddess, Mother Nature... Call it what you want but address the universal level of what gives us life, keeps us alive with her fruits, supports us and takes us back to her womb when we die;

• Yoni is the entire female genital apparatus on a physical level, and the whole woman's energy field at a subtle level.

We refer to the whole genital system, yes, not just the Vagina! Also Mons Veneris, Clitoris, Vulva, Labias, Cervix, Uterus, Tubes, Ovaries. So, speaking about Yoni Eggs is not that correct because we don't put the egg into the Uterus. You'd better say "Vaginal eggs", as my Teacher of Crystals and Vaginal Eggs says. If you don't know this practice yet but want to know more, do not hesitate to write me, I will be glad to help you discover a very useful and pleasant world which is ancient and contemporary at the same time.

We also talk about the whole energy field of women because the female genitalia are nothing but the cherry on top of the cake in a system as complex as to be considered Divine!

In Ayurveda when we talk about reproductive tissue, both for men and women, we speak of the seventh tissue or SHUKRA DHATU as a result of the interconnected work of all the other 6 tissues according to the SAPTA DHATU theory : RASA DHATU o Plasma, RAKTA DHATU o Blood, MAMSA DHATU o Muscle, MEDA DHATU o Fat, ASTHI DHATU o Bone, MAJJA DHATU o Bone Marrow and Nervous Tissue.

If we don't nourish ourselves in the right measure, our Menstrual Blood will tell us we are not in a good shape. If our muscles, bones and fats are not sufficiently supported, our fertility will be affected. If our nervous system is overloaded it will take more energy than necessary by removing it from Shukra, in a delicate game of energetic balances. Amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea very rarely originate in the womb, usually they represent a symptom of a more complex situation where the origin is upstream. Sometimes in the diet, sometimes in sport stress or mental stress, sometimes as a consequence of another imbalance and so on. Likewise, disorders related to the peri-menopausal phase and to general fertility are born.

Shukra, which in the woman expresses itself materially through the Yoni, is INFLUENCED BY THE CONDITIONS OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM and INFLUENCES THE WHOLE SYSTEM.

Also in terms of energy, compared to the Chakra system and the endocrine system, the relationship between the first-second Chakras (root and lower abdomen) and the sixth Chakra (Pituitary and Pineal glands) is evident. Pituitary and Pineal glands regulate the hormonal release necessary for menarche, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. And here too every Chakra is interdependent from others!

This is why the Yoni herself corresponds to the whole body of the woman and is not separated on the physical and energetic level. We could even say that the woman herself is a Yoni!


Yoni Healing's Tantric and Ayurvedic practices are holistic and do not necessarily require physical contact. Nutrition, Meditation, Breath and Voice are some of the Yoni's powerful healing tools, but not the only ones.

Starting to take care of your Yoni in a multilayered mode and no longer as if it were an object separate from the rest of yourself allows you to prevent disorders and imbalances that are borne by too many women. From candida to vaginal itching, from vaginal dryness to frequent hot flushes, from cystitis to difficulty in reaching orgasm, from viruses to infections. So many problems that are never enough "serious" to be talked about but that are already able to make women's life difficult, if not tormented.

Starting to become aware of the power that resides in your Yoni as a carrier of the Energy of Creation and Creativity represents the first step for healing and achieving pleasure. Yoni is Divine therefore does not know shame. Shame is what often makes us endure pains that have no right to be there because they are sick results of this failed patriarchy, destined to collapse. The shame for your vagina, candida, dryness, difficulties in achieving pregnancy, anorgasmia and so on are the results of family, social, cultural and religious conditionings that clip the wings of women and destroy their possibility to fully live a life of pleasure. Pleasure. For Pleasure the woman was born on this Planet.Freeing yourself from these conditionings or armors means recognizing your own beauty and perfection and accessing the world of pleasure that is intrinsic to your Yoni.

Liberation also means questioning certain choices that are harmful to the Yoni and to the body-mind well-being of women. It means predilection for everything that brings well-being, health and pleasure. And here you go beyond food and lifestyle but you also include the love and social relationships you choose and all the choices that condition every tiny part of your being, made of tiny and precious interconnected particles. Liberation comes from putting into practice the mantra


With "I" you don't mean the misleading Ego of arrogance and hatred, but BODY, MIND, SPIRIT. The whole BEING. YONI and LIFE.

Opening spaces of dialogue, contact and exchange on women's issues does not represent an old-fashioned feminist choice, but a contemporary necessity that goes beyond politics even if it includes it. An ancient and eternal necessity that helps women to feel good and serves the world to spread this harmony.

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