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By Nadia Farahani

With gratitude for Zulma Moreyra, the wise founder of the method Terapia Menstrual Madretierra, and Luz Clara, the medicine woman who originally started sharing this powerful herbal physical & emotional detox for women.

The Limpia Menstrual can be done by any woman who is not pregnant / breastfeeding, aged between menarche and fullness (post menopause). Menstruating or not, we unite in this practice to rebalance our HORMONAL CYCLE, our emotional body, our fertility, our creativity and our sexuality.

We always begin with the NEW MOON, individually or collectively in a women's circle.

We use 5 herbal ingredients, each one used for 10 days each, for a total of 50 days.

You can do it any time of the year, better during seasonal changes and once a year.

Lunaria Institute launches a collective Limpia every autumn/spring New Moon - check with us if you want to procede collectevely, be guided in support activities and eventually be guided in the choice of your local herbs! These ones are good and easy to find for those who live in continental/temperate climate areas.

Decade 1 GARLIC • Allium sativum Yes, you read correctly. Garlic! Garlic is a powerful ANIPARASSITARY on a physical, emotional and energetic level. Not only does it cleanse the blood and all the tissues, but it also has the ability to remove people and situations that manifest themselves as "parasites" in our lives. All those who suck energy, time, emotions, money and attack our life force.

For this reason, Limpia begins with garlic: the wise women and the shamans who propose it, always invite all women to put aside their fear of smell and taste and let themselves go through the process. After all, it is only 10 days. Together with so many internal transformations, you will notice already after the first 3-4 days that the "vampires" that surround you will start to move away and stop tormenting you. How: garlic should be taken about an hour every morning before breakfast. You do not need to chew it, you can swallow a whole clove (maybe not too big) with the help of a little water. If, and only if, you are really allergic to garlic you can replace this herbal ingredient with Propolis or Calendula officinalis herbal tea like in the other decades.

Decade 2 PLANTAIN • Plantago lanceolata Plantain is a herb with powerful anti-inflammatory and expectorant qualities. It eliminates all excess mucosities such as phlegm, nasal and bronchial mucus, abundant pee, noisy intestine, mucous poop, mucous menses, abundant vaginal fluids. On an emotional level, working at the root of the element of water in the body, that is, the region of the chest and the organ of the LUNG, the plantain moves the emotion of SADNESS. The tears shed and the tears not released, the sadness necessary to enjoy joy. How: it is taken as an infusion. In the morning prepare a liter of boiling water, turn off the heat and add a handful of plantain. Leave to infuse with lid for about 10 minutes. Put in a thermal container to take the infusion throughout the day. The first cup of infusion of plantain should be taken in the morning about an hour before breakfast.

Decade 3 DANDELION • Taraxacum officinale Dandelion is the purifying, diuretic and detoxifying herb par excellence. It eliminates toxins accumulated in the LIVER, administrator of all the blood circulating in the body and guardian of the cleaning process of blood itself. During this period the possible symptoms could be headaches, painful liver area (especially if already tired), skin / lips / eyes can be more yellowish than usual, abundant poop, muscular tension. Liver is closely connected to the emotion of ANGER, especially if we have so much accumulated and unexpressed anger, it is possible that we will live a lot of rage during this decade. This will also improve the quality of our menstrual blood. How: use dandelion leaves, assumed as an infusion, like plantain.

Decade 4 HORSETAIL • Equisetum arvense Equisetum or horsetail is a diuretic and astringent herb, a powerful enemy of water retention. The possible symptoms during this decade may be increased sweating, peeing, having sweaty hands and crying. It works mainly on the KIDNEYS and on the elimination of liquids. KIDNEYS are the organs connected with the expulsion of toxins through the water element and at an emotional level they represent the legacy of our lineage and the manifestation of our FEARS and our STRENGTH. When we contract the lumbar region, out of fear or harmful postural habits, the kidneys are often tight or overloaded and this diminishes our ability to cleanse the body and decrease the level of our vital energy. Thanks to horsetail it will be possible to recharge us with strength and energy. How: it is taken as an infusion, like plantain and dandelion.

Decade 5 ARTEMISIA • Artemisia vulgaris Artemisia has the name of Artemis, goddess of hunting and archetype of the wild and free woman. This is because Artemisia has the ability to cleanse and reinforce BLOOD and the UTERUS and increase the levels of OXYTOCIN in the body, the so-called "love hormone" that stimulates sexual desire and promotes affection and empathy. The possible symptoms of this decade are being sexually "easy", the desire to share and much pleasure. Many of us can not wait to get to Artemisia and would almost want to skip the previous decades immediately starting with Artemisia - here we must remember that the ability to assimilate and circulate the properties of Artemisia depends on how clean we are and how free of toxins and old baggage we are. How: it is assumed as an infusion, such as plantain, dandelion and horsetail.

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