Not a Girly Girl

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

By Isabella Anerdi

A wise woman once told me that 33 was going to be an age that I will remember.

There is literally a pre and a post “Giselle & Nadia Era” in my life.

The small but absolutely radical shift in perception and attitude that they brought on me is something I can only describe as turning a light switch on.

All of a sudden I can see!

For all my life I thought I wasn’t a girly girl, I thought girls talk just wasn’t for me. The ever practicality wins over intuition, tougher is cooler, I’m the captain of my ship kind of attitude. And oh by the way I don’t need any help because I can do that by myself. And so completely missing the point, the power and strength of authentic womanhood - which really is not the gossiping over the extra kg that someone gained over the holidays or the being hopeless at parking cars, but rather the realisation that truly and deeply we are governed by the rules of feeling, of just inherently knowing, it’s that trusting and not doing stance which once seemed impossible and a lot of talk no action (the horror!). It’s compassion and softness, and quite to my surprise it’s also being part of spiderweb network, which holds literally all things together.

I also used to absolutely repel yoga, what a pointless workout I thought - might as well go for a HIIT class as the reward of a bikini body is not going to just happen overnight. An hour and a half of my time seemed like too much of a commitment anyway.

So what changed? Firstly you’ll be happy to know that I, quite astonishingly, discovered that I have in fact two brains and I was only using one of them. What a waste right? The Yoni - this new word I’ve learned - is literally the source of all truth, if you just would listen for a moment or two. I now can physically feel the pain of the women that won’t do that, that just have silenced her - out of ignorance, or maybe fear or oppression. It’s like having a crystal ball and keeping it locked out in a drawer. Only it’s alive and wants to get out, so it’s heartbreaking because life is so stiff when your Yoni is locked away, it’s so exhausting to ignore her and deal with the way she is in fact screaming for you to stop.

There is such an abundance of power and beauty there, it’s sacred. It’s like waking up to the smell of fresh out of the oven pastry every day. There is an amount of energy that is wide, magnetic and irresistible in the Yoni. If only you would try to let her do the talking for once. She knows the way, she has all the answers, she has been telling you all along. Respect her, she is ancient and magnificent.

What if I told you that you have the power to call all energy around and move it in a whirlwind, that you are the child, the mother, the witch and the divine. How great is that!

Alright that sounds amazing but really, what about when things need to get done? When there is just no space for the dreams, the mantras and the slow pace? Let’s get real, everyday life does get in the way, surrounded by role models that are women that try to be like men and are validated for it, and the alarm is still going to ring too early and it’s really hard to listen when your mind talks to you all the time. If this at all resonates, please do know that there is another way, first hand experience.

Because the second thing that I have learned that there is indeed pleasure in all things. Why do we pretend we don’t really care about pleasure? True, unapologetic, raw pleasure - is that something unimportant? And yet so many of us have this sense of pleasure not being worth taking the time for, because I’m busy and also maybe I don’t really think I deserve it and hence also don’t really know what it looks and feels like. So enter the binge online shopping for those shoes that you’ll forget about next month or that one night stand that really is not adding any value.

Constant pleasure everywhere, that’s what I want to live my life by. In taking a walk, in waking up and dance because why not, in letting go, and in loving every single bit of myself. That only happens when the Yoni is in the driving seat, when you embrace that famous cyclical nature and the beauty of not being the same person every day, when you tune in with that deep, humming but resonant energy frequency and you decide to trust it. It’s your duty and your birth right.

Pleasure also in seeing that women literally change their face when they realise this. I’ve now been at different retreats with those two magic human beings, and I quite enjoy witnessing that same shift, observing with a secret smile while I’m thinking “girl, you will never be the same again”.

So yes, all of a sudden I can see. Not with my eyes though but, you guessed - with the Yoni of course.

With my heart full of gratitude for the truly amazing women that I hold hands and hearts with all the time now, as one can never forget a Yoni sister once found, and a mind full of purpose, this to me is the true women empowerment.

Isabella Anerdi

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