By Nadia Farahani

In 2018 I had the great opportunity to meet Zulma Moreyra and study with her. It is with immense gratitude to her that today I share this ancient and contemporary knowledge by supporting more and more women in the re-discovery of their own power.

TERAPIA MENSTRUAL MADRETIERRA is a method based on the female hormonal cycle and on menstrual blood, with the premise that the cycle represents the mirror of the woman's life and her family and relational system. According to this method, the phases of the female hormone cycle can show portal wounds related to the phases of a woman's life, resulting in hormonal imbalances, fertility disorders, painful or problematic periods, illnesses and many other imbalances. The approach to female anatomy and physiology is also energetic and emotional, for example the uterus, ovaries and breasts are important portals of access to our knowledge and health.

TMM is a physical, mental and spiritual medicine for women. It redeems female ancestral knowledge that has been collected, recreated and reinforced with energy healing techniques. TMM is useful for guiding the woman in a deeper recognition of her menstrual cycle and her life as a feminine being, in a more conscious contact with her menstrual blood, and through her cycle tries to recover her own natural calendar of every woman.

By rediscovering the importance of rites of passage, we connect one stage of life with the other and recognize the archetypal energies that inhabit our body; all this allows the woman to take advantage of her own energies and to recover the autonomy of her body. Although there are still mysteries to be revealed regarding the function of the uterus and the menstrual cycle and although every woman is unique and perfect in her form, TMM helps to raise one's self-esteem, to have self-confidence and for all other personal benefits and in accordance with the particular interests of each woman.

Keep in mind that every woman is a universe. Menstrual bleeding, as well as pregnancy, is definitely a mystery that not even science has fully understood. Science considers the body as a machine and there we loose the mystery and the uniqueness of every being. The magic of menstruation does not only involve our organs, but also our physical, psychic and emotional heritage, the circumstances around us and the synergies of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Therefore all values ​​are approximate. The fact that you are out of those values ​​does not mean that you are abnormal, you are perfect as you are. Starting to know yourself is the first step for any form of healing.

TMM is open to women of all ages, from adolescents to the elderly, with or without menstruation. The course consists of 6 online meetings, held once per lunar cycle during the crescent moon phase (waxing moon). During each meeting various tools are used: breathing, movement, sensory stimulations, manual arts, ancestral herbalism, minerals, self-massage, self-gynecology, and more. After each meeting, ritual actions are left possibly to be completed during the month until the next meeting (practices, readings, herbal detox, etc…). Contact us to find out when the next TMM cycle begins!

"Women are not neurotic, WE ARE CYCLICAL.” Nadia

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