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© 2019 Lunaria Institute by Nadia Farahani & Giselle Bridger 





This week long retreat has been created with the intention of rediscovering our wild nature, reclaim the eros as birth right of the divine animal that inhabits the body .

Tantra as the practice of full presence to the wholeness of humanness, the whole spectrum of duality, inclusion & understanding of shadow, pain & trauma in order to embody bliss, peace and orgasm.

WILD TANTRIC RETREAT is for who is ready to step up in their life, raise the standard of pleasure & satisfaction in all aspects of their existence and release everything that is holding them back from enjoying the experience of life through the body. This week intensive will be experienced as a CEREMONY with a beginning and an end, it's going to be a working ground with deep practices that will be  supported by the wild elements of the island.

One of the main goals will be the collective & individual effort to bring peace in between the inner and outer polarities, understanding contrast, difference and characteristics of what the embodiment of the Masculine & Feminine mean and how this defines our relationship to our body consciousness and all the people in our life.

We will work through the Archetypes, the remembering of rituals that will require courage and undefended love to discover and embody harmony at the three levels of sex, love & consciousness.